The Covenant Solar Initiative family is comprised of dozens of individuals,
many of them volunteers, 
from several companies, institutions and organizations. 

They bring extensive knowledge, skills and abilities in solar technology, energy policy, energy finance, economic development, workforce development, education, training, environmental health and safety, and more.  They have experience developing projects with Native American tribes, and indigenous communities all over the world.

Meet Our Founding Team:

Chéri Faso Olf  (Mi’Kmaq)

Otto Braided Hair, Jr. (Northern Cheyenne)
Co-Founder  |  Executive Director

Daniel East
Co-Founder  |  Director of Operations, Training & Logistics

Vanessa Braided Hair (Northern Cheyenne)
Director of Advocacy

Dr. David Riley
Co-Founder | Academic Director & Head of Development

Janet MacGillivray Wallace (Muscogee/Creek)
Public Policy & Legal Advisor

Warren Hammond
Director of Construction Operations & Logistics

Consultants & Advisors

Ingrid Brill
Indigenous Community Development & Energy Access Advisor

Richard J. Marks

Strategic Development & Communications Advisor

David Reichbaum
Project Administration & Partnerships Advisor

David Ryal Anderson
Tech Consultant / Webmaster


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