Covenant Tribal Solar Initiative aims to disrupt the devastating cycle of energy poverty, for as many Native American communities as possible.  Our team is comprised of Native American spiritual, educational, and governmental leaders, as well as some of the nation’s foremost experts in solar technology, education, energy policy, finance, and community economic development.  The Initiative serves as a catalyst, recognizing that it is not enough to just import a group of experts to solve an indigenous community’s problems for them.  Rather, we work together to empower tribes to effect tremendous positive change, themselves.

Embracing the extraordinary circumstances and unique potential of Native Americans, we take a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to addressing climate and energy challenges, by creating programs to build the capacity of Native people to develop and deploy solar in their own communities.  Thriving economies are created, through the implementation of educational programs, Native employee-owned enterprises, and innovative financing mechanisms.

Our approach supports ancient belief systems, while applying modern technology and workforce development strategies to solve some of indigenous Americans’ longest standing problems.

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We are creating a workforce of Native American Solar Warriors and we need your support!

We have until September 30th 2021 to raise $50k from the Global Giving Accelerator Campaign.

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