Native American Tribes inherently possess the desire to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy on their reservations; yet, most lack the capacity to do so. CSI supports and advances the development of culturally based, indigenous solutions to the cataclysmic effects of climate change and extractive fossil-fueled energy. By deploying a curated team of experts to partner with tribal communities to educate and aid them in implementing regenerative solar energy solutions in their communities, we aim to disrupt the cycle of economic and environmental poverty, restoring vibrancy and vitality to these indigenous societies.

Key strategies of Covenant Solar Initiative are focused on re-localizing energy economies, and fostering the preservation of ancient belief systems, to ensure a safe and healthy future for the children of today, and the next seven generations. The Covenant Team engages with Tribes in geographic areas of the United States where energy poverty is of particular concern, and where solar energy can affect the greatest positive impact in the shortest amount of time.

Working with tribal governments to assist them in developing energy policies and programs that are responsive to evolving energy challenges, as well as opportunities, is a primary focus of the Initiative. Simultaneously, we engage with the national network of Tribal Colleges, to deliver education and training in Solar Business Development, Management, Installation, Safety, Operations, and Maintenance – enabling tribal governments and individual tribal members to exploit the power of the sun for the purposes of economic development and environmental stewardship, with tremendous human impact.

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