Existing and previous efforts to deploy solar energy, at scale, in Indian Country have largely focused on one-off projects – rather than a holistic and systematic approach to capacity building for residential, community, and utility-scale solar, benefitting individual tribal members, as well as the tribal government. Conversely, Covenant Solar Initiative is oriented towards long-term economic development on reservations, and the potential of solar energy as an instrument to regenerate the health of economic, ecological, and social systems.

The Covenant Solar Initiative team members possess the experience, technical understanding, and cultural sensitivity necessary for success where other efforts have failed.  This team is uniquely qualified to break down the barriers to, and effectually and efficiently build capacity for, deployment of solar in Indian Country.  Each member of the team has proven capabilities to measure and achieve the desired results.   We empower tribes and tribal members with the knowledge, skills, and tools required to eliminate the extractive energy systems in their portfolios, and replace them with clean, regenerative systems – which they develop and build themselves.

Our systems-based methodology is underpinned by a sophisticated and elegant approach to solar development – which weaves expertise in policy, economic development, workforce development, solar technology, and systems operations – to build capacity for a tribe to both eliminate energy poverty in their community, and reclaim their energy sovereignty.

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